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Blondie’s Family – Cookie, Alexander and Their Dog Elmer (#666, WONDER BOOKS, 1954) S/I: Chic Young

Dennis the Menace and Ruff (A Little Golden Book #386, SIMON & SCHUSTER, 1959) S: Carl Memling, I: Hawley Pratt & Lee Holley, 24 pgs.

Dennis the Menace: A Quiet Afternoon (A Little Golden Book #412, GOLDEN PRESS, 1960) S: Carl Memling, I: Lee Holley, 24 pgs.

Dennis the Menace Takes the Cake (Tell-a-Tale #2451-4, WHITMAN, 1987) S: Diane Namm, I: Karen D. Matchette

Dennis the Menace Waits for Santa Claus (A Little Golden Book #432, GOLDEN PRESS, 1961) S: Carl Memling, I: Al Wiseman, 24 pgs.

Henry (#664, WONDER BOOKS, 1953) S/I: Carl Anderson

Popeye (#667, WONDER BOOKS, 1955) S/I: Bud Sagendorf

Popeye (Golden Funtime Punch-out Books #GF177, GOLDEN PRESS, 1961)

Popeye Goes on a Picnic (#697, WONDER BOOKS, 1958) S: Crosby Newell, I: Bud Sagendorf

Popeye’s Big Surprise (#791, WONDER BOOKS, 1962) S: Barbara Waring, I: Bud Sagendorf

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