YAKUTIS, Thomas M. (Tom) (20 Mar 1929-25 Jan 2002)

Layout Design: DISNEY 56-57 (Mars and Beyond 57, Magic Highway USA 58)

Layouts/Storyboards: ART SCOTT; UPA; TV SPOTS c58 (Crusader Rabbit 57-59); LARRY HARMON c59 (Popeye); JAY WARD c59 (Rocky and His Friends); DE PATIE-FRELENG c65-66/74 (The Inspector 65-66 [The Great DeGaulle Stone Robbery 65, Cirrhosis of the Louvre 66, Ape Suzette 66, Cock-a-Doodle Deux Deux 66], Pink Panther 75 [It’s Pink but Is It Mink?]); FILMATION; WARNER BROS.; MARVEL; UNIVERSAL -94

Story: DE PATIE-FRELENG 76 (Pink Panther 77)

Story Director: HANNA-BARBERA c76-81 (Scooby’s All-Star Laff-a-Lympics 77-78, Galaxy Goof-Ups 78, The Godzilla Power Hour 78, The Godzilla Super 90 78-79, Challenge of the Super Friends 78-79, Dinky Dog 78-80, Godzilla 79/81, The Godzilla/Globetrotters Adventure Hour 79-80, The Flintstones 80, The Godzilla/Hong Kong Phooey Hour 80-81, Space Stars 81-82 [Space Ghost, Herculoids], The Kwicky Koala Show 81-82)

Designer/Layouts: MELENDEZ 76-77 (It’s Arbor Day Charlie Brown 76, Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown 77)

Character Designer: HANNA-BARBERA 77

Director: DE PATIE-FRELENG 77-78 (Fred and Barney Meet the Thing 78)

Graphic Designer: DE PATIE-FRELENG c77-78 (All-New Pink Panther Show 78-79)

Storyboards: TMS c83-84 (Mighty Orbots 84-85)

NOTE: Head of film units at Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Washington and Indiana University. DISNEY newspaper strip and Overseas Comic Book Program writer 83-88 (Scamp, Goofy)


YEAWORTH, Irving S., Jr.

Director/Producer: FAIRVIEW/JACK HARRIS c60 (Dinosaurus 60)


YOUNG, Benjamin (Ben)

Animator: TERRY -30- (Hungarian Goulash); DISNEY -32- (Mickey Mouse [Ye Olden Days 33])


YOUNG, Cyrus S. (Cy) (22 Feb 1900-16 Jan 1964)

Animator/Director: BRAY 24-34 (Mendelssohn’s Spring Song 30)

Effects Animator: DISNEY 34-27 May 41 (Mickey Mouse 34-38- [The Band Concert 35, Mickey’s Fire Brigade 35, Mickey’s Trailer 38], Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 37, Fantasia 40, Dumbo 41, Bambi 42); SIGNAL PHOTO LAB c42-45 (Training Films)

NOTE: Born in Hawaii. Staff Artist at USAF c42-62



Assistant Animator: WARNER BROS. -54- [Friz FRELENG Unit]

Animator: CANAWEST [Canada] c65-69 (The Beatles 65-69 [for KING FEATURES])


YOUNG, Thomas (Tom)

Designer: KEITZ & HERNDON 50s (TV Commercials [Dr. Pepper et al])


YOUNGQUIST, Robert W. (Bob) (22 Aug 1905-3 Aug 1996)

Assistant Animator/Animator: DISNEY 35-38

Animator: DISNEY c38-40/44-47/56-15 Dec 70 (Fantasia 40 [Pastoral Symphony], Pluto 40/44-48 [Bone Trouble 40, First Aiders 44, Dog Watch 45, Canine Casanova 45, The Legend of Coyote Rock 45, Canine Patrol 45, Pluto’s Kid Brother 45, In Dutch 45, The Purloined Pup 46, Pluto’s House Warming 46, Rescue Dog 47, Mail Dog 47, Pluto’s Blue Note 47, Bone Bandit 47, Pluto’s Purchase 47], Bambi 42, A Feather in His Collar 46, Figaro 46-47 [Bath Day 46, Figaro and Frankie 47], Mickey Mouse 47-48 [Mickey’s Delayed Date 47, Mickey Down Under 48], The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad 49 [Mr. Toad section], Sleeping Beauty 58, Paul Bunyan 58, Donald in Mathmagic Land 59, Goofy 65 [Freewayphobia, Goofy’s Freeway Troubles], Man on Wheels 67); MGM c41-43




ZAFFO, George (22 Nov 1916-Mar 1984)

Backgrounds: TERRY


ZAGO, John (15 Oct 1918-16 Dec 1988)

Backgrounds: PARAMOUNT c56-59/66-67 (Herman & Katnip 56-57, Casper 57, Noveltoons 57-58, Fractured Fables 67); TERRYTOONS c59-65 (The Leaky Faucet 59, Heckle and Jeckle 60, Hearts and Glowers 60, The Misunderstood Giant 60, Silly Sidney 60-63, Drum Roll 61, Home Life 62, Hashimoto 62, Deputy Dawg 62, Hector Heathcote 62-63/70-71, Luno 63-64, Duckwood 64, Search for Misery 64, Astronut 64-66/70, Swifty & Shorty 65); HAL SEEGER c64-67 (Milton the Monster 65-68, Batfink 67)

Designer: TERRYTOONS c58-61 (The Deputy Dawg Show 59-60, The Famous Ride 60, The Adventures of Lariat Sam 62)


ZALME, Ronald (Ron)

Assistant Animator/Inker: PAT SULLIVAN c25-29 (Felix the Cat)

Story: MINTZ/COLUMBIA c33-34 (Krazy Kat)


ZAMBONI, Robert G. (Bob) (28 Mar 1939-5 June 2002)

Assistant Animator: FINE ART FILMS c69-70 (Shinbone Alley 70)

Animator: MURAKAMI-WOLF-SWENSON 70s (The Extraordinary Adventures of the Mouse and His Child 77)

Animation Supervisor: DISNEY TV c84-85 (Gummi Bears 85-86)

Director: DISNEY TV 86-95 (DuckTales 87-90, TaleSpin 90-94, Darkwing Duck 91-95, Goof Troop 92-96, Bonkers 93-97, The Shnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon Show 94-95, Aladdin 94-96)

Timing Director: DISNEY TV c87-97 (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 88-93, The Lion King’s Timon & Pumbaa 95-98)

Overseas Animation Supervisor/Timing Director: DISNEY TV c88-92 (Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers 89-93)


ZAMOFF, Nathan (Nat) (3 May 1912-16 Dec 1991)

Animator?: FLEISCHER -30-31-


ZAMORA, Joaquin Rodolfo A. (Rudy, Al) (26 Mar 1910-29 July 1989)

Inker: PAT SULLIVAN c25-28 (Felix the Cat)

Assistant Animator: FLEISCHER c29-30

Animator: PAT SULLIVAN 20s; DISNEY 30-31 (Mickey Mouse 31-32 [The Castaway 31, The Duck Hunt 32, The Grocery Boy 32], Silly Symphony 31 [Mother Goose Melodies, The China Plate, The Busy Beavers, Egyptian Melodies, The Clock Store, The Spider and the Fly, The Fox Hunt, The Ugly Duckling, The Bird Store]); IWERKS 31-33 (Flip the Frog); LANTZ c37/ 40/43-44 (Oswald the Rabbit 38, Woody Woodpecker 44); MINTZ c38-39; CARTOON FILMS 40-41; COLUMBIA/SCREEN GEMS 41-42; MGM 42-43 (Barney Bear 42, The Stork’s Holiday 43); THOMPKINS [Mexico] 50s; GAMMA PRODUCCIONES [Mexico] 50s; UPA c58-59 (1001 Arabian Nights with Mr. Magoo 59); PLAYHOUSE PICTURES c60-64 (TV Commercials); MELENDEZ c65/69/72-76 (A Charlie Brown Christmas 65, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 66, A Boy Named Charlie Brown 69, Snoopy Come Home 72; It’s Arbor Day Charlie Brown 76); JAY WARD c66-69 (George of the Jungle 67-70); DE PATIE-FRELENG c70/75-76 (The Grinch 71, The Tiny Tree 75, Halloween Is Grinch Night 77); HANNA-BARBERA c71-72 (Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space 72-73); SANRIO 78 (Winds of Change aka Metamorphoses 78)

Inbetweener/Animator: FLEISCHER -29-30 (Screen Song 30, Song Car-Toon 30)

Story: DISNEY 31/40s-60s; MINTZ 33-34 (Krazy Kat)

Director: LANTZ 38 (Cartune 38, Oswald the Rabbit 38); DE PATIE-FRELENG 77; SANRIO 80; HANNA-BARBERA c80-87 (The Smurfs 81-80s, The Little Rascals 82-84, Challenge of the GoBots 84-85, Yogi’s Treasure Hunt 85-86, Yogi’s Great Escape 87); RUBY-SPEARS c84-85 (The Centurions 85-86)

Animator/Director/Co-Owner [with Bud LUCKEY]: LUCKEY-ZAMORA 80s (TV Commercials)

Producer: M-W-S FILMS c87 (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 88); GUNTHER-WAHL c91 (The Adventures of T-Rex 92)

NOTE: Born in Mexico


ZANDER, Jack (1908-17 Dec 2007)

Animator: ROMER GREY 30-31 (Binko the Cub [unreleased]); TED ESHBAUGH c31/34 (Goofy Goat Antics 31, The Pastry Town Wedding 34); HARMAN-ISING/WARNER BROS. c32-33; VAN BEUREN c33-36; MGM June 37-42 (The Captain and the Kids 38-39, Tom and Jerry 40/42-43 [Puss Gets the Boot 40, The Night Before Christmas 41, Fine Feathered Friend 42, Sufferin’ Cats 43]); U.S. ARMY AIR FORCE FIRST MOTION PICTURE UNIT 43-45 (Educational and Training Films)

Animator/Director: TERRYTOONS 36-37 (Farmer Al Falfa 37 [The Mechanical Cow])

Animator/Layouts: MGM c39 (The Mad Maestro 39)

Head of Animation Dept.: WILLARD PICTURES c46-48

Director: TRANSFILM c48-54 (TV commercials)

Co-Owner/Director [with Joe DUNFORD]: PELICAN FILMS 54-70 (Live-Action TV commercials, Intermission 67)

Owner/Director: ZANDER ANIMATION PARLOUR 70-80 (TV Commercials 70-80, Popeye Meets the Man Who Hated Laughter 72 [for KFS/HAL SEEGER], The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie 72-73 [for HANNA-BARBERA], Gnomes 80)



Director: TV CARTOONS c65-68 (Cool McCool 66-69)


ZASLOVE, Alan [also Allen ZASLOVE]

Animator: UPA 49-58 (Gerald McBoing Boing 54/56, Mr. Magoo 57 [Magoo’s Masquerade]); PANTOMIME PICTURES c64-65 (Roger Ramjet 65-66); MELENDEZ c65 (A Charlie Brown Christmas 65); JAY WARD c66-69 (George of the Jungle 67-70); CHUCK JONES/MGM 69 (The Phantom Toll Booth 70); FOCUS FILMS c73 (The Mad Magazine TV Special 74)

Director: UPA [NY] c57 (The Gerald McBoing Boing Show 56-57 [The Day of the Fox]); DE PATIE-FRELENG c74 (Dr. Seuss’ The Hoober-Bloob Highway 75); RUBY-SPEARS c84-85 (The Centurions 85-86); HANNA-BARBERA c85-86 (Yogi’s Treasure Hunt 85-86, Galtar and the Golden Lance 85-86, GoBots: War of the Rock Lords 86-87); UNIVERSAL c98-01 (The New Woody Woodpecker Show 99-02, Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein 99-02)

Associate Director: UPA c58-59 (1001 Arabian Nights of Mr. Magoo 59)

Animator/Director: FORMAT FILMS 59-62 (The Alvin Show 61-62)

Director/Story: HANNA-BARBERA c80-85 (The Smurfs 81-86)

Producer: DISNEY TV c85-94/97 (Adventures of the Gummi Bears 86-87, Darkwing Duck 91-95, Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World 98)

Producer/Director/Story/Supervising Director: DISNEY TV c86-92 (DuckTales 87-91, Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers 89-93)

Director/Producer: DISNEY c93 (The Return of Jafar 94)

NOTE: Office boy at SCHLESINGER/WARNER BROS. 43, paint jar washer at UPA


ZEKLEY, Zeke (1915- )

Story: DISNEY 35 [2 weeks]

Production Associate: JIGGS MOTION PICTURES 35-55

Producer: [STUDIO?] c59-60 (Cartoon segments in Tab Hunter Show 60-61)

NOTE: Art Staffer for Detroit Mirror 33; Newspaper strip artist 35-54/61 (Popeye 35-54, Pap Younger 61)



Story: HANNA-BARBERA 60s (The Flintstones 60-61)


ZINGLER, Rudolph (Rudy)

Effects Animator: SCHLESINGER/WARNER BROS. 39-40 (Merrie Melodies 40 [Tom Thumb in Trouble, Wacky Wildlife])


ZINNEN, Alphonse M. (Al) (27 Dec 1903-19 Aug 1960)

Layouts: DISNEY c38-41/46-53/57-60 (Pinocchio 40, Fantasia 40, Dumbo 41, Bambi 42, Goofy 48-52 [The Big Wash 48, Tennis Racquet 49, Goofy Gymnastics 49, Motor Mania 50, Hold That Pose 50, Lion Down 51, Home Made Home 51, Cold War 51, Tomorrow We Diet 51, Get Rich Quick 51, Fathers Are People 51, No Smoking 51, Father’s Lion 52, Hello Aloha 52, Man’s Best Friend 52, Two Gun Goofy 52, Teachers Are People 52, Two Weeks Vacation 52, How to Be a Detective 52, Father’s Day Off 53, Father’s Week End 53], Ben and Me 53, Our Friend the Atom 57, Man in Flight 57, The Liberty Story 57, Adventure in the Magic Kingdom 58, Four Tales on a Mouse 58, 101 Dalmatians 61)

Backgrounds: DISNEY c42/46-53 (Saludos Amigos 43, Make Mine Music, Fun and Fancy Free 47, Melody Time 48, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad 49, Peter Pan 52, Lady and the Tramp 55)

Special Art Work: DISNEY c55 (Jiminy Cricket Presents Bongo 55)


ZUKOR, Louis (Lou) (30 Dec 1912-16 Mar 2004)

Animator: ROMER GREY 30-31 (Binko the Cub [unreleased]); MINTZ/SCREEN GEMS c32-33; IWERKS 33-36 (ComiColor Cartoons); LANTZ c36-37; FLEISCHER c38-42 (Gulliver’s Travels 39, Popeye 40 [Nurse Mates], Mr. Bug Goes to Town 41); FAMOUS c42-45 (Little Lulu 44-46); DISNEY -52-; HANNA-BARBERA; FILMATION c73 (Journey Back to Oz 74)

Animator/Director/Producer: ANIMATION ASSOCIATES (Q. T. Hush 60-61, TV Commercials, Titles for Carol Burnett Show, Sonny and Cher Show)

Art Director: FILMATION c67-80s

Assistant Animator: FINE ARTS FILMS c68 (Shinbone Alley 70)

Assistant Director: FILMATION c68 (The Batman/Superman Hour 68-69)

Director: FILMATION c69-87 (Archie’s Funhouse 70-73, Lassie’s Rescue Rangers 73-75, The New Adventures of Gilligan 74-77, The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty 75, The Space Sentinels 77, The Captain and the Kids 78, Flash Gordon 79-80, The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle and Jeckle/Quacula 79-80, The New Adventures of Tom and Jerry 80-82, Mighty Mouse in The Great Space Race 82, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 83-85, Bravestarr 87-88)

Sequence Director: FILMATION c72-73 (Treasure Island 72, Oliver Twist 73)


ZUKOR, Morris (Morrie) [nee ZUKOWFSKY, Morris] (1917-24 June 1999)




Inbetweener: MINTZ 30s

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