Data 12.09.2016
Autore Alberto
Oggetto R: Disney Comics: The Whole Story

Thanks for your appreciation, Andrea.

You said it… There is more to be said, also because almost every day new discoveries are made as regards stories and authors… and that is precisely the spirit which spurs a Disney scholar to go ahead and never stop researching.

Frankly, I don’t know if digital Disney comics may attract new readers… I guess the Pocket Princesses online strip by Amy Mebberson may have attracted young girls in the U.S., but here in Italy (and in Europe) the big problem is that teenagers and young adults no longer read Disney comics, either paper or digital… They don’t read comics any more, in fact… Even Manga, as far as I can see, are slowly waning.

The current trend, as we all can see, is to make comics directly from movie frames (Joe Books’ Cinestory series) or from TV-show frames (IDW’s recent Mickey Mouse Shorts series). What seems to be all-important is the tie-in with the big and small screen. They may be right, but I think Disney comics are a world in itself… since Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse started diverging from his screen counterpart. Even graphic novels have for several years been devised so that they resemble the movie as much as possible… I’m not questioning the talent of the people who work on them, but (as I say in my book) I think there was more “soul” to the traditionally-drawn movie adaptations by Al Hubbard and other 20th-century Disney artists. Of course, my opinion reflects my generation’s paper-loving imprinting… Still, I am not sure whether the “new” Disney comics and graphic novels may be more attractive to youngsters because they “look like the movies”…

So what has the future in store? Search me… My only hope is that, as Fantagraphics Books and IDW are currently doing, classic Disney newspaper strips and comic-book stories may be offered to the younger generations… to be savored, at least, by those that still have some interest in the paper comics medium.



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