Data 12.09.2016
Autore Andrea Cara
Oggetto Disney Comics: The Whole Story

Sorry for the english but since this may be read by international readers, I though it would be nice that they would understand.

Given that a book should be written in the language of its reader, I read your latest book “Disney Comics: The Whole Story” and you really picked my interest from start to finish. The book spans over 8 decades of Disney comic books printed all over the world and, as odd as it might seem given the task, you have been able to keep my attention focused all the time. I guess that one of the most difficult accomplishment has been condensing a lot of information in a few pages for each chapter, while maintaining an ease of reading. Clearly, there is more to be said (you left clues all over the text), but it is up to the reader to look further in other publications… or better yet, wait for your next one?

One comment/note. With the advent of the digital era, Disney comics have reached this medium, at least in Italy. What about in other countries? Can this be a new way to attract readers (old and new) of Disney comics? How is this evolving? Is it working out? What’s the buzz at Panini?....
Furthermore. One attempt that I appreciated was the recent serialization on TV of Bonelli’s “Orfani”, as well as I appreciated the serialization of few Tex adventures back in the ‘70s. Does it make sense to attract new readers by serializing on screen some Disney comics? I am sure there are some that could be suited for this, at least in Italy (Martina/Carpi saga of Paperone, Don Rosa’s saga, PKNA, Pipwolf, but many more). Is anybody thinking about this?

Great work!


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